"About 30 years ago, fly fishing became part of my life...that "part" has become "whole"...

Jeff on the American River Steelhead, 1987

At eleven years of age Jeff traded in his spinning rod for his first fly fishing outfit and started fishing many trout-filled streams in the Sierra Mountains. It was not long before fishing challenging gin-clear spring creeks, emerald green coastal steelhead rivers and fertile lakes all over the Western U.S. that Jeff realized fly fishing was more than just a sport. Jeff began fly tying commercially at 13 and started guiding fly fishermen on Northern California's waters as early as age 16.

Jeff Putnam on the Dean River, Steelhead 2003

Since then Jeff has worked many positions in the industry including retail fly shop sales, manufactures rep, fly fishing guide in California, Montana and Colorado and fly fishing instructor. Jeff has also been fortunate to have traveled to some top fly fishing destinations like the famous Dean River in BC, the Tsiu River in Alaska, El Pescador Lodge in Belize and Christmas Island in the Central Pacific.

Jeff puts on special seminars and presentations for angling groups, fly fishing clubs, fly shops, fly fishing manufacturers and corporate groups. He also consults individuals and groups on travel planning and tackle selection. Jeff enjoys fishing local waters for any species he can catch on a fly rod and possesses a true angling passion for spey fishing for steelhead, catching rising trout on light rods and searching the saltwater flats. Jeff's usually fishes with his favorite fishing partner, his wife Angela.  When Jeff is not fishing he is usually scouting local waters with his four-legged fishing buddy, Dakota, "experimenting" with the latest fly fishing gear or practicing guitar.

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